Join us for the Alliance for Health Policy’s 2019 Signature Series:
Solving for Health.

With the continued progress and emergence of ideas within the health policy community, we believe it’s more important than ever to drive the health care conversation toward sustainable, bipartisan solutions.

Building off the success of our 2018 Signature Series, we will continue to fuel our community’s drive to address the complex topics that have challenged leaders and policymakers in health care for decades.  This year, our series will serve as nonpartisan forums that will cultivate forward-thinking, collaborative discussions to solve for the future health of our country—and all of its people.

With over 1000 participants at last year’s programming, our 2019 series will not only bring together the nation’s top health policy leaders, experts, and passionate individuals, but also engage our audience to generate potential solutions around two major topics: (1) Social Determinants of Health, and (2) Innovation and Value.

Participants and attendees will have an opportunity to thoughtfully explore what these words—innovation, value, and social determinants—truly mean and how we can work together to identify real sustainable outcomes for all Americans.

Our programming will consist of two key components—a public half-day summit and a public congressional briefing—for each of the two topics.

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What’s Next on Social Determinants of Health

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Summit — June 11

Congressional Briefing — September 13

This first topic will examine the impact of non-medical drivers of health-often called “social determinants of health”, on patients and the health system. It has become increasingly clear that efforts to improve quality, lower costs, and enhance patient satisfaction cannot succeed without addressing socio-economic status and non-medical drivers of health such as housing, transportation, and nutrition. These sessions will bring together multi-stakeholder perspectives to examine current policies and practices on social determinants of health and accelerate solutions to improve health outcomes in the U.S.

Navigating the Frontiers of Innovation and Value

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Summit — November 6

Congressional Briefing — December 4

This second topic will delve into key questions surrounding innovations in health care with a particular focus on potential paths to identifying and achieving value. Along with multiple efforts to define and achieve value-based care across the public and private sectors, unprecedented innovations in technology and medicine are continuously being introduced that challenge current paradigms for health care financing and delivery. These sessions will examine current models and innovations in technology, care delivery and access to health care, and address the intersection of innovation and access along the continuum of care delivery.

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